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The installation of this lesson is based on Lesson 1 framework. If you haven't finished the assembly in Lesson 1, please review and complete the installation.

In this lesson, we will add a servo motor, an ultrasonic module and a buzzer onto Lesson 1 framework. With these new devices, the car can "see" obstacle through ultrasonic sensor and measure the distance. If the distance is less than predefined threshold value, the buzzer will beep and the car will turn around from the obstacle automatically.

Parts and Devices

Device Name
Screw Number
Arduino UNO
M3 x 10 Screws and nuts, washer
Motor with wires
M3 x 30 Screws and nuts
OSOYOO MODEL X MOTOR driver module
M3 x 10 Screws and nuts, washers
Box for 18650 3.7V battery+
M3 x 10 Screws and nuts
DC power connector
voltage meter
M3 x 10 Screws and nuts, washers
SG90 Servo Motor
M3 x 10 Screws and nuts, washers
Ultrasonic module
1 M1.5 x 12 Screws and nuts
Buzzer Module
M3 x 10 Screws and nuts, washers
Mount holder for Servo motor
M2 x 10 Screws, screws for sg90
Jumper wires(male-female,female-female)
lower chassis
Copper pillar
upper chassis
Copper pillar

Hardware Installation

1) Regarding how to install chassis, arduino and motors, please refer to Lesson 1:

1) Connect the SG90 servo motor to the holder with screw M2 x 10

2) Connect the servo motor arm to brakect with 2 x screws which comes with the servo motor, Connect the Ultrasonic Module to bracket with M1.5 x 12 screws and nuts

3)Fix the mount holder for servo motor on upper chassis with M3 x 10 Screws and nuts.

4) Put the arm with ultrasonic module on SG90 servo motor

5) Fix the Buzzer module with M3 X 10 screw and nut on upper chassis.


Connect the buzzer module, ultrasonic module and servo motor as per below connection diagram:

Uno R3 Board Buzzer Module
3.3v VCC
I/O D13

Ultrasonic Module Uno R3 Board
Echo D11
Tr1g D12

Uno R3 Board OSOYOO MODEL X Motor driver module
D2 IN1
D4 IN2
D7 IN3
D8 IN4
D9 S
SG90 Servo Motor OSOYOO MODEL X Motor driver module
Brown GND
Red 5v
Yellow S

4) Software

The SG90 Servo  can rotate approximately 180 degrees. Firstly we make the servo motor go to 90 degree position(middle position), then manually adjust the ultasonic sensor to straight forward direction. Thus to make sure the ultrasonic module can rotate to the left 90 degrees and also can rotate to the right 90 degrees. Download the servo adjust program from link:

Download and unzip, then upload the code to Uno board using Arduino IDE, turn on the power switch on the battery box. the servo motor will go to 90 degree position(middle position), At this time, if the ultrasonic sensor is not facing front direction of the car, you need manually adjust the sensor to straight forward direction. Then fix the ultrasonic module on sg90 servo motor with M2 x 10 screw

Software Installation:

Step 1:Download Lesson One sample code from  , unzip the download zip file, you will see a folder called smartcar-lesson3 .

Step 2:  Connect Arduino UNO to PC with USB cable, Open Arduino IDE -> click file -> click Open -> choose code “smartcar-lesson3.ino” in smartcar-lesson3 folder, load the code into arduino.

Step 4:  Choose corresponding board/port for your project,upload the sketch to the board.

Final Testing :

Turn on the power switch on the battery box, the ultrasonic module turn to front view position. If no obstacle is detected, the car will go forward.  If any obstacles is detected, the car will go backward first, then the ultrasonic module will turn from right to left to detect surrounding obstacle. If obstacle is found on the left, the car will turn right and vice versa. If both right and left side have obstacles, the car will go backward.