Introduction:                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Before you can manage your Arduino device using the online dashboard, you must setup your device and install the Cayenne Arduino Library onto the device.



1x Osoyoo UNO R3 Board with USB Cable

1x Ethernet Shield W5100


Arduino IDE(Please download IDE from:

Cayenne Library

Step 1: Choose Arduino to start our IOT project

Please visit: enter your user name and password to login.

You will see the interface as followed picture, then select Arduino to start our IOT project.

Step 2: Set up your Arduino

Step 2 Arduino

首先,将Ethernet Shield W5100插到Arduino UNO上(拍个照片).Power on your Arduino by connecting your Uno board with a USB cable . You should see the power LED lit on your board.

Add Cayenne Library to your Arduino IDE

The Cayenne Library is a collection of code, known as sketch files, that makes it easy for you to connect and send data to and from sensors, actuators and devices connected to Arduino boards. Cayenne sketch files can be combined with other sketch files for your IoT projects.

The Cayenne Library is available directly from the Arduino IDE Libraries list. To install the library, select Sketch > Include library > Manage Libraries. The Library Manager dialog will appear. From here, search for the Cayenne library and install it.


The Cayenne library has now been expanded in the libraries folder in your Arduino sketches directory. You can verify this by going to the Sketch > Include Library menu where you should now see the Cayenne library at the bottom of the drop-down menu under Contributed Libraries. The Cayenne library is now ready to be used in your project.
Cayenne Library Installed

Configure Arduino IDE

In order to successfully program your Arduino board, you will need to verify that the appropriate Board and Port are selected in the Arduino IDE.

First, verify that the correct Board is selected in the Tools > Board menu. Be sure to select the board type that you will be programming.
Arduino IDE board selection

Then, verify that you have the correct Port selected for communicating with your Arduino. Pick the correct port based upon how you are connecting your Arduino to your PC/Mac.
Arduino IDE port selection

Step 3: Connect your Arduino

After setting up your PC/Mac computer with the Arduino IDE and the Cayenne Library, you are ready to install Cayenne onto your device. Continue to Step 3 of the Arduino installation, where you will connect your board with Cayenne.

On this screen, when select your Arduino board, a list of connections appears below the board name. Select the Arduino Uno, and select Ethernet shield W5100.
Arduino Step 3

Click on the Sketch button next to “Ethernet Shield W5100”,   you will get a pop-up window which has Arduino Sketch code as following picture:

Copy & paste the sketch code into Arduino IDE and select Sketch > Upload to compile and upload the sketch into Arduino UNO board.As soon as your Arduino device comes online and connects to Cayenne, you will see your Arduino Board in the online dashboard.
Arduino 1st Experience



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