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1 Overview

In Lesson 4, we learned how to  read remote the DHT11 temperature/humidity sensor through browser.
In this lesson, we will use another powerful sensor called BMP180 which read  pressure, temperature, sea level pressure and altitude data. We will use W5100 Shield to send the data to remote browser.

2 Hareware preparation

Osoyoo Basic  Board 1
Ethernet Shield W5100 1
USB cable 1
BMP180 1
Jumper wires several
Breadboard 1

3 hardware connection

Connect the BMP180 with Osoyoo Basic  Board as following diagram:

4 Upload sketch to your IDE

Step A)Install library: (if you have installed Adafruit BMP085 library, please skit this step)

Download the library from

Then in your IDE ->Sketch->Include Library->Add .ZIP Library and select the file you just downloaded, and upload it to IDE.

Step B) Download sample code from, unzip the file and double click the w5100-lesson5.ino file, load the sketch into IDE.

Open your Serial Monitor, you can see your router will assign an IP address to your mainboard as following:

In above example, is the IP address of my mainboard.
Now use another computer or your cell phone’s  browser to visit url :
Your browser will show following result: