Configure Dragino Yun

Find the ip addresses

The Dragino Yun has a WiFi interface and a LAN port. Either of them has IP address, can be used for internet connection and device management.

Factory IP of WiFi interface

Dragino Yun acts as an AP at the first boot

At the first boot of Dragino Yun, it will auto generate an unsecure WiFi network call Dragino2-xxxxxx

User can use their laptop to connect to this WiFi network. The laptop will get an IP and the Dragino Yun has the default IP

Fall Back IP

PC setting to use FallBack IP

A fall back IP is assigned to Dragino Yun’s LAN port so user can always access Dragino Yun with this ip if their laptop has: IP IP: and Netmask:

Detect IP from Arduino IDE

If Dragino Yun’s Ethernet port is connected to the uplink router or the WiFi interface is associated to the WiFi router. The PC in the same network can use Arduino IDE to detect Dragino’s IP address as described in Detected Dragino Yun.

Configure Method

The Dragino Yun runs Open Source Linux system. If user has a PC at the same network as Dragino Yun, user can access its system via either Web Interface or Secure Shell (SSH).

Access via web interface

The recommended browsers to configure Dragino Yun are Firefox and Chrome. Simply type the IP address into your browser and you will see the log in page of Dragino Yun.

Dragino Yun Log In Page

Default User name and Password for Dragino Yun is root/dragino.

Access via SSH

Via SSH access, user can access to the Linux system directly and customized the system to support more features and applications.

Access Dragino Yun via SSH

SSH Access:

IP address: IP Address of Yun Shield

Port: 22

User Name: root

Password: dragino (default)

Web Configure Pages

General Set Up for Internet Access

After log in, the GUI will show the WIFI / ETH interface status. Click the Configure button and now user can configure the device password and network parameters.

Configure WiFi for internet Access