Prerequisite: If you don’t have Arduino IDE software,  please download the latest Arduino IDE from and installed the software in your computer.

Step 1)Install esp8266 support add on.
Open Arduino IDE–>File–>Perferences–>Settings, in Additional Boards Manager URLs, type : , then click Ok
see following graph:

2) In Arduino IDE-> Tools , click Boards Manager
see following picture:

Scroll the Broads Manager screen down to the bottom, you will see  A module called “esp8266 by esp8266 Community” (see following picture), select the latest version and click Install


3) After Installation, In Arduino IDE–>Tools–>Boards Manager, you will see a new Board named “WeMos D1 R2 &Mini” as per following picture:

This WeMos D1 WiFi Arduino UNO  is the board type for Esp8266 modules.

CPU Frequency:80MHz,Flash Size:4M(3M SPIFFS),Upload Speed:112500
In Tools ->Port select the USB serial port which IDE detected for your ESP8266 module board, now you can load the program code into your ESP8266 module.