About this project:

In this lesson, we will show how to use W5100 Ethernet Shield and Arduino UNO board to work as Web Server , show “hello world!” message in browser.





Just simply insert W5100 Ethernet shield to Arduino UNO board, then connect W5100 to Router through RJ45 cable.

Upload Sketch

Connect the Arduino UNO board to computer via USB cable,download sketch from and load it into Arduino

After do that,choose the corresponding board type and port type as below

Now you can upload the sketch code to Arduino UNO by click UPLOAD button(press Ctrl+U key)

Explanation of w5100webservo.ino

The most important code lines are line 64,65 as following:


Osoyoo Ethernet IoT Lesson 1

Hello World!“);

These two lines send following string to browser:

Osoyoo Ethernet IoT Lesson 1

color=red size=5>Hello World!

Running Result

When the code is running  in Arduino board, open the Serial Monitor(set baud rate to 9600in lower right corner), you will see  serial monitor suggest you visit  some url  as following page:

In above example, we can visit , you will see browser page shows html data from Arduino:

Osoyoo Ethernet IoT Lesson 1

Hello World!