We are looking for partnership with people in STEM education community.  No matter you are Arduino/Raspberry Pi/Microbit influencers , college teachers , STEM major student, or simply an OSOYOO product fan, you are always welcome to join our partnership projects and get free OSOYOO products.

The most common partner project is to help us to translate our tutorial from English into one of following languages:
Japanese, Germany, French, Italian,Spanish.

You must prove that you are native speaker of above languages and have solid understanding of the tutorial you want to translate. In exchange, we will give you free products  as reimbursement.  For each lesson translation, you will get free products of  US$15 value.

After finishing the translation, you can select equivalent value products from our online store www.osoyoo.store . We will send you the goods accordingly.

For more detail about our partnership program, please contact [email protected]

Authorized Partner: