In this project, we will make robots dog-fighting game. We need two groups of Osoyoo Arduino Robots and each group has at least one robot. Team A robots will Infrared signal as bullet to shoot at Team B robots and vice versa. IR Bullet from Team A will "kill" only Team B robots and no harm to TEAM A. So does Team B bullet.

Players use Mobile APP in Lesson 7  to control their robots to kill enemy team robots as possible. You can set rule to decide who can be the winner. For example, the team who has more survivors in 10 minutes can be the winner.

Hardware Installation
This project needs at least two Osoyoo V2 Arduino Robots. In each robot, Lesson 7 hardware installation  must have been completed. Then you need install additional parts as following:
IR receiver

IR receiver Arduino
S(data) D10

IR Emitter

IR Emitter Arduino
S(data) D3

Software Installation:

Step 1: Download Arduino sketch file from http://osoyoo.com/driver/v2smartcar-lesson8.zip

Step 2: Unzip downloaded file from Step 1, you will see two folders: v2smartcar-lesson8A and v2smartcar-lesson8B

Step 3: First upload the sketch code in folder v2smartcar-lesson8A  to Team A robots , then upload code in folder  v2smartcar-lesson8B to team B robots. Don't mess up the code, otherwise you kill your team robots instead of your enemy.

Step 4: If you have installed APP in Lesson 7 , please skip this step. Otherwise go to Google Play and search the APP name "Osoyoo imitation driving", install the APP to your mobile phone.
After install the  APP, pair the HC-02 bluetooth module to your mobile phone, then open Osoyoo Imitation driving APP. You will find a BTSearch list, click HC-02 device to connect it to your APP.

Play the Fighting Game:
In your APP, click Engine Toggle icon, your robot car will start moving. Use your steering wheel, gear to change your car direction. When you find your enemy, click F1 to trigger bullet against bullet. If your bullet hits enemy car, enemy car will freeze ,buzzer and dead. If you are hit by enemy's bullet, you car will freeze and your APP will show "dead".