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Description: If you want to learn how to build something cool and Internet-connected, all you need is this starter kit which will get you going with lots of parts that go very well with our service and are the most

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IOT example: use NodeMCU to connect two devices through internet

Objective: In this project, we will use NodeMCU boards to connect a light sensor(photoresistor) and a remote LED. When a local photoresistor detects light, NodeMCU will send signal to a remote NodeMCU through MQTT IOT protocol and turn a LED.

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Use Arduino Serial port to talk with i2C LCD display

In this project, we will use I2C LCD working as a monitor. We can use PC serial port to send text message from PC to I2C LCD and get response from Arduino.   Osoyoo I2C 1602 LCD based on the 1602

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Use Raspberry Pi display temperature/humidity to i2c LCD screen

Objective: In this project, we will get temperature and humid data from DHT11 and send it to Raspberry Pi, then display the temperature and humid on 16x2 LCD screen. If you don’t know what is GPIO layout, check our tutorial

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Osoyoo NodeMCU IOT programming learning starter kit

Internet of Things (IOT), described by wikipedia, is  "the infrastructure of the information society".  Learning IOT technology not only helps student make many fancy projects in science fair, hackathon and  homeworks, but also prepare  the necessary knowledge base for their future career path in

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Remotely control LED with NodeMCU through MQTT IOT broker

Objective: In this project, we will show how control instructions are sent to an IOT device. The demo device is an LED connected to NodeMCU, an economical but power full IOT micro controller with wifi access. We will use MQTT protocolto

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Use NodeMCU to send temperature/humidity data to MQTT IOT broker

About NodeMCU NodeMCU is a very popular Micro controller with wifi access. It is based on ESP8266 - a cheap but powerful chip  and fully support Arduino IDE. If you familiar with Arduino IDE, you can program NodeMCU in no time.

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Osoyoo IOT cloud starter kit for IntoRobot NUT ESP8266 wifi chip

IntoRobot NUT is a cheap but powerful micro-controller board based on famous ESP8266MOD chip. If you are familiar with Arduino programing, you can learn NUT in no time. NUT comes with access to the IntoRobot IOT Cloud, a free cloud service which

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Use meteor framework to show MQTT message to web page

in our previous article , we showed an example on how to use Raspberry to get PIR sensor signal and work as a MQTT client and send motion sensor alert message to mosquitto broker, now we will show you how

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How to install Meteor server on linux

Step 1: Open a terminal window and download meteor installation package with following command: curl | sh If above curl command does not work, you need install curl first by running following command: sudo apt-get install curl libcurl3 libcurl3-dev

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