This project will use Arduino to get fingerprint information from fingerprint sensor and verify if fingerprint matches computer record.

Parts and Device:

arduino UNO R3 x 1 pc ; Fingerprint sensor x 1 pc;

Circuit connection graph:


Fingerprint sensor Arduino
green line D2
white line D3
Red line 5V
Black line GND

Download Source code from following link:


Unzip above FingerprintSensor.zip, you see FingerprintSensor. Move this folder to Arduino IDE libraries sub folder,

Input fingerprint:

In Arduino IDE Click >File -> Example ->FingerprintSensor->Enroll , then load the file in to Arduino.

Open serial terminal window in upper right corner, you will see following result:


In text field input ‘true’ and then click ‘send’ ,the green LED in fingerprint sensor will flash,the serial terminal will show following message:


Put your finger onto the sensor, the sensor will record your finger print into memory.

Verify fingerprint

In Arduino IDE Click >File -> Example ->FingerprintSensor->fingerprint, then load the file in to Arduino.,

your will see green LED will flash,open serial window and put your previous finger into sensor again, you will see new message in serial terminal as following: