1) MKS-HLKWIFI intruduction:

MKS-HLKWIFI is based on HLK-RM04 module. It can work with MKS Gen , MKS Mini board or MKS TFT28 V1.1  LCD  and control 3D printing remotely through wifi.  In this tutorial, we only give instruction on how to use MKS-HLKWIFI  working with MKS TFT28 V1.1.

2)Parts and Devices in this project

MKS-HLKWIFI module x 1

MKS TFT28 V1.1  LCD x 1

3)Connection Picture

connect MKS-HLKWIFI  to MKS TFT28 WIFI socket as per following picture:

Picture 1


4)mks_config.txt WIFI Configure(Only MKS TFT28 V1.1 or higher version supports MKS-HLKWIFI module)

if you purchased MKS TFT28 or MKS TFT3.2 touch Screen,You will have a config file mks_config.txt in the driver. In this file, you will see many configuration information for MKS-HLKWIFI module(see following points):

i)Wifi module selection in section cfg_wifi_mode: set 1 for AP mode and 0 for client mode

Client mode :

If you set cfg_wifi_mode value to 0 (client mode), the MKS-HLKWIFI module works as a client of a wifi hotspot. You should configure following information in order to get it connected to hotspot.

A.Wifi hotspot name setting

in “cfg_wifi_ap_name ” section, write the wifi hotspot name.

B.wifi password setting:

In “cfg_wifi_key_code ” section, write wifi password of the hotspot you need to connect to.

C.DHCP flag:

in “cfg_ip_dhcp_flag” section, set 0 to config static IP, set 1 to configure DHCP IP.

D.Ip address assignment

If you set “cfg_ip_dhcp_flag” to 0 (static IP), you need set the static IP address in  “cfg_ip_address” section.

E.ip mask

set IP mask in “cfg_ip_mask” section

F.ip gateway

set gateway in “cfg_ip_gate” section

AP mode:

If you set cfg_wifi_mode value to 1 (AP mode),  MKS-HLKWIFI module works as a wifi hotspots, you should config following value in order to allow other device to connect it through wifi

A.wifi  hotspot Name

in “cfg_wifi_ap_name” field, set the wifi name of your hotspot.

B.wifi password

in “cfg_wifi_key_code” field, set the hotspot password

5)Connect MKS-HLKWIFI module to WIFI network

In section 4), we have talked about 2 working mode for MKS-HLKWIFI module works : client mode and AP mode.

If you set MKS-HLKWIFI module works  in client mode, you can do following steps to connect it to WIFI hotspot:

I)save above mks_config.txt in a SD card (or USB storage) and insert it into MKS TFT2.8 LCD. Turn on the power, MKS-HLKWIFI  will connect wifi hotspot as per your wifi hotspot/password setting. If it connects to wifi hotspot successfully, LCD screen will show “Connected”, otherwise LCD will show “Disconnected”

See following picture:

Picture 2


Picture 3


6)Use Android app to control LCD

download a href=”https://osoyoo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/app-for-Android.rar”>app for Android to your pc, unzip the file and then load this apk file into your Android cell phone.

Picture 4


In IP address text field, input IP address you get from LCD(see picture 3). Default port number 8080

Picture 5


7) Use Printrun to control 3D printer remotely
Download Windows Printrun from
https://osoyoo.com/drivers/Printrun-Win-Slic3r.zip, unzip and run the exe file.

Picture 6


Note, you should make sure IP address in printrun software same as Ip address showed from LCD (see picture 3)


HLK-RM04 User manual:MKS-HLKWIFI-master_

More information:https://github.com/makerbase-mks/MKS-HLKWIFIhttps://github.com/makerbase-mks/MKS-TFT