MKS-TFT28 and MKS-TFT32 color display Touch screen is designed to control RepRap Open source 3D printer. It can work with MKS Base, MKS GEN and MKS MINI series 3D control board.


1) Pls check the MKS Base V1.4/V1.5 or Gen V1.4 3D printer board Marlin firmware installation guide

2) Pls check the MKS Mini V1.2 3D printer board Marlin firmware installation guide

MKS-TFT28  and MKS-TFT32 connection pictures:

MKS-TFT28 and MKS-TFT32  connect to MKS GEN printer driver board GEN
MKS-TFT28 and MKS-TFT32 connect to MKS Base printer driver board Base
MKS-TFT28 and MKS-TFT32 connect to MKS MIINI printer driver board IMG_20160725_141810


1) 2.8 and 3.2 inch color display touch screen,support USB storage and SD card;

2) Support Wifi,can be used to control 3D printer remotely;

3)Support power-black-out data saving. 3D printer can continue print previous job after power is back;

4) Start-up Logo and UI can be customized.

MKS-TFT28 and MKS-TFT32 configuration(if you have already configurated the MKS-TFT28 or MKS-TFT32, please skip these steps):

1) MKS-TFT28 or MKS-TFT32 Pls download file from following link:

2) Unzip the files and copy mks_pic, mks_config and mkstft28.bin files into a USB storage or SD Card.


3) Turn on power, the screen will show updating messages as per following pictures, as the following pictures:



4) You may need to change baud rate to match printer board. Normally the rate should be set to 115200.  If this does not work, try other rates.


5) Printing:Put your 3d module data file into the USB storage or SD card and put it into MKS-TFT28 or MKS-TFT32 , your 3D printer will start printing shortly.


To learn more detail about MKS-TFT28 MKS-TFT32, please read following two articles:


MKS-TFT28 DataSheet


MKS TFT photo of description.pdf