Salute! is a simple math game where players select a number card from a deck (without looking at it) and hold it to their forehead as in a “salute”. Another player decides whether to make a sum or product of the two cards and then annouces the result. Based on the card held by the opposing player and the result announced, each player tries to figure out what card they are holding.

Goals for this activity


Coding the game

Two players

Three players

If using 3 micro:bits, the third micro:bit is programmed to keep score in the game using the A and B buttons and to display the score based on a different event, such as, the A+B button. There should also be a way to reset the scores for the next round of play.

Make the number cards

Choose a random number between 0 and 9.

Link of the program:

Choose a random number between 1 and 9.

Link of the program:

Score keeper

The score keeper program adds one point for a player when button Aor B is pressed. Pressing A+B shows the current winner and score. The scores are reset by turning the micro:bit over.

Link of the program:

Game Play

Before the game starts, decide how many rounds will be played or for how long rounds will be played. Also, decide how a tie is determined: will both players get a point or will neither player get a point.

If time permits, players should switch positions (e.g., Player 1 becomes Player 2, Player 2 becomes Player 3, and Player 3 becomes Player 1) and repeat for the same amount of time/number of rounds until everyone has a chance to be Player 3. If time does not permit, play the game again on another day, switching positions.


Salute: A Game to Reinforce Math Facts: This is an example of how this is traditionally played with cards.

Also, watch this video to see how the game is played:

How to Play Salute!

This math game project was kindly contributed by Vicky Sedgwick. It’s based on the original game concept created by Todd Lash.