HC06 Bluetooth sensor is a device to communicate with other bluetooth device. This project will show how to send a character from an Android bluetooth app to Arduino serial monitor window.

Step 1: connect the HC06 bluetooth sensor to arduino as per following graph:

Step 2: Download Amarino app into your android cell phone or other android device. Open the app and search the bluetooth device “HC06” and pair it with android device. use the default passcode “0000” or “1234”.

Step 3: Download sketch code and load it into arduino.

Step 4: Type a character “a” in android app, and you will see character “a” showing on the arduino serial monitor.


  • ehartmann says:

    If the printing on the back of the HC06 module is correct, this schematic is bad – Uno uses 5v levels, the HC06 uses 3.3. This means that you will need to put a resistor voltage divider or resistor/zener level converter on the HC06’s receive line or the 5v level from the Uno will destroy the HC06.

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