MKS BASE V1.5 Connection Graph:

DBGD100200修改 (2)

MKS BASE V1.4 Connection Graph:

DBGD100200修改 (2)


How to measure V_REF value(The calculated way for maximum load current: I=V_REF/(8×RS),RS=0.1):

current check

MKS Gen V1.4 Connection Graph:



  • kingjam says:

    Can you provide a pinout for the stepper motor connectors.

  • bradley2548 says:

    I need the pinout for the MKS Base 1.5 For thermistors. I have downloaded your Firmware and Can’t get the second extruder to see the temp.

  • elaine says:

    Do you config the Z anix according to the instruction?

  • panadar says:

    Have a question. If I wanted to attach a BL Touch auto bed leveling probe, what pins would i attach the probe to for the MK SBASE v1.5 board? Just got the is board and would like to attach a auto bed leveling probe to it. Thank you very much in advance.

  • Suusi M-B says:

    How do you access the I2C bus on the MKS gen 1.4?

  • ultrafloon says:

    hello …. i have 1 MKS BASE 1.5 i need help for configure marlin for the tronxy xy-08n sensor for my anet a8 please ?

  • seaquest75 says:

    HI, I’ve questions about the two extruders. Actually I’ve the MKS Base v1.4 powered with a 12VDC 20A Power supply. I’ve buy a second extruder and I’m concern about the power required and the actual power wires. There are already hot. Not at the point to melt, but there are hot.

    So I’ve connect a 100A shunt with a DC power meter and found that my actual board power used is really near the maximum of my power supply (18.5A±1A). I’m wondering, if the actual board connector will be tough enough to support 2 extruders because, I will replace my actual 20A for a 40A (480W) Power supply.

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