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This Kit is built with the goal to help  beginners to get hands-on experience  Internet of Things. It uses OSOYOO UNO board(fully compatible with Arduino UNO R3) and W5100 shield to connect sensors and actuators to the Internet, you can control them remotely from Adroid/IOS APP or web browser. The kit comes with a step-by-step tutorial,video and sample code which can  save lots of your research and learning time.


Packing List:​​

OSOYOO UNO R3 Board fully compatible with Arduino x1
shield W5100 x1
Sound sensor module x1
30 PIR motion sensor x1
DS18B20 temperature sensor module x1
Photoresistor(light sensor) x1
DHT11 (Temperature/Humidity sensor) x1
DKRK100500-6 Servo motor x1
BMP180 x1
8 Water detection sensor x1
5 MQ2 Smoke Sensor x1
LACC200800(21) HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor module x1
Buzzer x1
  Single channel Relay x1
LED Package x1
Resistors package (20 x 200ohm, 20 x 1Kohm, 20 x 10Kohm, 5 x 1Mohm) x1
  Jumper wires (15cm M/M Jumper, 20cm F/F Jumper, 15cm M/F Jumper )
Solderless Prototype Breadboard x1

Tutorial and sample projects(Arduino IDE):​​

Lesson 1: Connect Arduino to Cayenne IOT platform Arduino-Luminosity-Step-2 Lesson 2: Remote control a LED
Lesson 3: Reading a Photoresistor Sensor data Lesson 4:Remote temperature Monitoring-DHT11
Lesson 5: BMP180 Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor   Lesson 6: Using DS18b20 to detect temperature from browser or smart phone
Lesson 7: Remote control a Servo motor SG90   Lesson 8: Smarthome water leak alert
Lesson 9: Wireless Smoke detector for smat home-MQ2 Lesson 10: Ultrasonic Ranging Detector for home security
  Lesson 11: Sound Monitor IoT project Lesson 12: Remote control a relay switch
Lesson 13: Arduino IOT Home Alarm System