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1. Overview

In this lesson, we’ll learn how to use Arduino turn on/off a LED through Cayenne IOT platform. the parts needed for this lesson as followed:

Parts needed quantity
Arduino UNO 1
Ethernet Shield W5100 1
USB cable 1
200 ohm resistor 1

2)Circuit Graph:

3)Action on Cayenne control panel

Login Cayenne platform and add new device

Select”Add new…”-> Click Device/Widget”

Click: Actuators–>Light,choose Light Switch

all the attributes could be changed:

Widget Name: Give your actuator a name

Select Device: Select your Arduino device, this lesson we using UNO, so choose Arduino UNO.

Connectivity: Select your method of connectivity:  There are Digital pins, Analog Pins and Cayenne Virtual Pins.

For more information about Analog or Virtual pins, please visit:

This lesson we select Digital Pins D3. Then Click “Step 1: Sketh file”.

Choose the Board type Arduino Uno and corret Port, copy and paste the sketch file into your Arduino IDE. Remember to use your authentication token.  In the Cayenne dashboard, you can click “Step 2: Add Actuator”

Then the LED widget will be added to your dashboard. You can turn on/off by clicking on the icon at the right of the LED widget.

At the same time, you can remote to control the LED from your smart phone.

Adroid App donwload link:

iOS APP download link: