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1 Overview In this lesson, we’ll show how to remote monitor the environment temperature and pressure value from Cayenne IOT platform. 2 Hareware preparation
Osoyoo UNO Board 1
Ethernet Shield W5100 1
USB cable 1
BMP180 1
Jumper wires several
Breadboard 1
3 Hareware connection Connect the BMP180 with UNO as following diagram: 4 Add new device Log in Cayenne IOT platform,Add new…->Device/Widget Choose: Sensors->”Temperature” Choose BMP180 The datasheet will be shown as followed: Change the data: Widgit Name: Give your actuator a name, the default name is BMP180; Select Device:Select your Arduino device, the one used in this example is the Arduino Uno Connectivity: Select your method of connectivity:  There are Digital, Analog and Virtual. in this example we use Virtual; Temperature Pin:  V2; Pressure Pin: V1; Please Note: If V1 and V2 were used by other widgets, you can select other pins. and change the VIRTUAL PIN in sketch to the pin number you have selected. Choose Widget: choose any one as you like; Choose Icon: choose any one as you like. Then Click”Step 1:Sketch File”,the sample sketch will be displayed, copy and paste the sketch into Arduino IDE, Before uploading the sketch , please make sure you have done the following step: 1)Install library: Adafruit_Sensor: Adafruit_BMP085_U: Choose the Board type Arduino Uno and correct Port, then upload the sketch to your Uno board.  In the Cayenne dashboard, you can click”Step 2 :Add Sensor”, once finished, the temperature and barometer widgets will be displayed: From the databoard,we can read the temperature is 25.60 Celsius Degrees and the barometer is99725.0Pa. At the same time you can read the data from your Adroid/iOS smart phone no matter where you are.