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Welcome to the first lesson of Arduino robot tank car!In this lesson, we will install the most important framework in the tank car.

Parts and Devices:


Step1: Assemble the carrying wheels(x10) Main components: 1x black wheel 1x bearing 1x circle shaft 1x M6 nuts 1x M6*40 inner hexagon screws I-1 I-2 I-3 I-4 Step2: Assemble the driving wheels(x2) Main components: 2x wheel pieces 3x copper pillar 1x Al-alloy coupling 1x jackscrews 1x M6*10 inner hexagon screws 6x M3*10 inner hexagon screws Note: 1)Please align the two location holes in the wheel pieces. 2)Install the jackscrews into the al-alloy coupling, then insert the al-alloy coupling into the big hole of driving wheel, fix the al-alloy coupling with M6 hex screws. 3)To fix the driving wheels on motors easily,do not tighten the jackscrews. II-1 II-2 II-3 II-4 Step3: Install the main plate Main components: 5x plates (include the base plate and subplates as following pictures) 20x M3*10 inner hexagon screws Note: Fix the biggest base plate with 4 pieces M3*10 screws for the first time, then fix the other subplates in turn as the following pictures. III-1 III-2 III-3 III-4 step 4: Install motor Main components: 2x side plates (include left side plate and right side plate) 2x motors 4x M3*5 screws (phillips head) Note: When you fix the motor with phillips head screw, please do not use too long screw to avoid getting stuck. IV Step5: Install all wheels and tracks on car Main components: 1x tank car chassis 10x carrying wheels 10x driving wheels 2x Tracks Note: 1)To make the tracks install more easily, we recommend not to tighten the fifth carrying wheel and adjust the proper width between the driving wheel and side plate. 2)Please tighten the jackscrews with hex wrenches to connect the driving wheels to the motor.If the driving wheel is blocked by its jackscrew and cannot insert into motor axis, please slightly loosen the jack screw driving wheel. 3)Please choose the proper length tracks as per your need before install the tracks. V-1 V-2 V-3 V-4 VI.The Finished Presentation VI VII. Packing List Interface definition Appendix for motor GM25-370-motor specification motor-01motor-02 Raspberry Pi Tank Car Tutorials: Arduino Tank Car Tutorials: