A sensor is a device that quickly responds to the physical change such as temperature or distance. They are used in commercial products like smoke alarms, parking sensors, and pressure monitoring systems to detect, send and control the information of other electronic devices by interfacing with Arduino boards in the physical world.

You can gift this wonderful sensor kit to your children, friends, engineers or tech lovers that help to improve their core knowledge.

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This is an Arduino sensor learning kit developed by OSOYOO. We bring together 17 basic sensors and modules, aiming for the convenience of its learning for starters. Inside this box, there are digital and analog sensors and also some special modules such as ultrasonic, bluetooth,, acceleration modules etc. So even if you are totally new at this, you can get started easily.

The sample codes for this sensor kit are based on ARDUINO because it’s open source and easy. And if you are good at this, you can also apply this kit to other MCU development platform, such as Micro Bit, 51, STM32, Raspberries Pi. The working principle is pretty much the same.

Now, let us embrace this fascinating world of ARDUINO and learn together!   

In addition to a complete set of hardware components the kit has a product usage page provide detailed tutorials that you can follow. Starting with a simple HelloWorld project and then moving on to more complicated projects using different modules and sensors, this kit aims to teach users about basic electronics theory, physical computing and how to use Arduino.They come with detailed explanations of the components involved in the projects, fritzing diagrams of the hardware connections and sample codes

After you are done with the tutorials, you should be able to make your own projects using the different components the kit has.

Basic Arduino Tutorial

What is Arduino?

Osoyoo UNO Board

Download and Install Arduino IDE

What is a Sketch and how does it work?

How to Install Additional Arduino Libraries

Basic Arduino Code – Hello World

The Serial Monitor

Sensors Tutorial for Arduino

  Arduino lesson – Voltage Sensor Module

  Arduino lesson – Digital Touch Sensor Module

 Arduino lesson – 2-Channel Relay Module

  Arduino lesson – PIR Motion Sensor

  Arduino lesson – Sound Detection Sensor

  Arduino lesson – Photoresistor Module

  Arduino lesson – MQ-2 Smoke Sensor

  Arduino lesson – MQ-5 Gas Sensor

  Arduino lesson – MQ-7 Gas Sensor

  Arduino lesson – Barometric Pressure Sensor BMP 180

  Arduino lesson – Flame Sensor

  Arduino lesson – Water Sensor

  Arduino lesson – Buzzer

 Arduino lesson – DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Module

  Arduino lesson – Vibration Sensor Module

  Arduino lesson – 74HC595 Anolog to digital Converter

  Arduino lesson – DHT11 Sensor

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