This is a small solid crystal acrylic case. You can place your micro:bit into it. It can wrap up the whole body of micro:bit board except the two buttons and gold finger exposed in the outsude. It can protect your micro:bit board well against abrasions or scratches so that greatly prolongs the life span of your board. The 2 board  both transparent. We prvide the transparent , red and black middle gasket to choose. In order to prevent the acrylic board from scratched , we stick a layer of protective film ( without glue mark ) on it , please tear it up gentle before you the case.   Feature : 1. The case is accurate design for Micro:bit , leave all interface to access the main board. 2. It is the transparent acrylic material , so you can keep to watch the condition of Micro:bit all the time. 3. Beautiful solid appearance can prolong the life span of your micro:bit. 4. This case is quite easy to install . 5. There is a layer of protective film sticker on the surface of acrylic , please tear it up gently before you use it .   Specification : 1. Structure : Cover board + bottom board + screws and nuts 2. Material : Acrylic 3. Weight : 17g approx