In this project, we will use an Mega2560 board to drive ILI9341 or SSD1289 3.2″ touch screen.

2)Parts and Devices

Pictures Device Quantity
7 mega2560 board 1
3.2inchscreen for mega2560 3.2 inch ili9341 screen 1
3,2inchscreenadaptershield 3.2 inch screen adapter shield 1

Put the screen(3.2 inch screen schematic) into shield (TFT01-3.2 shield schematic) first, then connect the shield to Arduino, it is quite straight forward.

3)Download and install UTFT ,URTouch ,SdFat,UTFT_Buttons and UTFT_SdRaw library file from following link and copy them into Arduino library folder. ( i.e. D:\arduino ide\Arduino 1.6.9\libraries )

UTFT :http://kookye.com/download/3.2inchscreen/UTFT.zip
UTFT_SdRaw :www.kookye.com/download/3.2inchscreen/UTFT_SdRaw.zip

Download the test program (http://www.kookye.com/download/3.2inchscreen/3.2inchtouchscreentest.zip), upzip and open it,then choose the correct board and port.



You will find the files as follows after upzip:


In SD_test file,there is sketch file with some pictures to test the SD card.
In URTouch_ButtonTest_3.2,there is sketch file with keyboard to test the touch function.
In URTouch_Calibration_3.2 file,there is sketch file for calibration procedure.
In URTouch_QuickDraw_3.2 file, you could use the sketch to draw lines on screen.
In URTouch_QuickPaint_3.2 file, you could use the sketch to draw different color lines.
In UTFT_Demo_320x240_Serial_3.2 file,you could use the sketch to display kinds of lines shape, such as sine line and cos line.

You will see the code in each sketch: UTFT myGLCD(CTE32_R2, 38, 39, 40, 41).The first value of code refer to the mode of LCD screen. Please write CTE32_R2 or ILI9341_16 if you LCD screen is ILI9341; Please write CTE32 if you LCD screen is SSD1289;

When you use the others LCD screen from the others seller, you could check the PDF instruction in documentation file or open the UTFT.h file to find the correct code.The controller mode could be identifitied by the back mark as the following pictures.


TFT LCD touch screen

Note: In the project of testing the SD card,please insert the SD card into the slot in back of the 3.2’’ LCD screen. The format of files in SD card must be the FAT32, you need to put the test files(i.e. ICONS.RAW,WAIT4GPS.RAW,SK45) into the SD card root directory.


You can find the test files in 3.2 inch touchscreen test\SD_test\Image-files.