If you want to learn how to build something cool and Internet-connected, all you need is this starter kit which will get you going with lots of parts that go very well with our service and are the most common sensors and actuators you may want. Sense light, motion, humidity, temperature, and more, then send it through MQTT broker and light up remote LEDs, make noise, and move a motor when a trigger is detected.

This pack is designed for people who want to use the new low-cost Arduino compatiable NodeMCU (an ESP8266 WiFi microcontroller). An Arduino or other microcontroller is not required.

Packing List

cnc_shield_v3_1 1 x NodeMCU
1 x 8*8 LED
1 x Relay
1 x push button

Tutorial and sample projects

cnc_shield_v3_1 Lesson 1: Hello World

Send String Hello World to Arduino

Lesson 2: 8×8 LED

Use Arduino light up LED

Lesson 3: Relay

The Internet of Things for Everyone

Lesson 4: Push Button

Send signal from Push Button to Arduino