The BMP180 is designed to be connected directly to a microtorlled of a mobile device via the I2C bus.  it consists of a piezo-resistive sensor, an analog to digital converter and a control unit with EEPROM and a serial I2C interface. the BMP180 delivers the uncompensated value of pressure and temperature. The EEPROM has stored 176 bit of individual calibration data. this is used to compensate offset. temperature dependence and other parameters of the sensor.

UP= pressure data(16 to 19 bit)

UT= temperature data(16 bit)

Pressure range: 300 ~ 1100hPa (altitude 9000 m ~ -500 m)
Power supply voltage: 1.8V ~ 3.6V (VDDA), 1.62V ~ 3.6V (VDDD)
LCC8: Lead-free ceramic carrier package (LCC)
Size: 3.6mmx3.8×0.93mm
Low power consumption: 5μA, in standard mode
High precision: low-power mode, the resolution of 0.06hPa (0.5 meters)
High linearity mode with a resolution of 0.03hPa (0.25 meters)
MSL 1 Reaction Time: 7.5ms
Standby current: 0.1μA
No external clock circuit
Including temperature output,I2C Interface,Temperature compensation