1. Install Raspbian OS in your Micro SD card (if you have already installed Raspbian OS, please skip this step)

1) Download Raspbian ZIP from official Raspberry website: https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/raspbian/

2) Unzip the image file.
3) Prepare an newly formatted Micro SD memory card (TF card) with USB microSD card reader, recommend sizes are 8G, 16G, 32G.
4) Using Win32DiskImager to write image file into Micro SD card.
5) Inserting Micro SD card into Raspberry Pi.

2, Download Rapberry Pi 3.5″ Touch LCD Diver

1) Pls open driver download website: http://en.kedei.net/raspberry/raspberry.html. Please kindly check the version information on the back of the screen to download the right driver as followed picture.

2) Download the correct driver to your computer. (Do not unzip)
3) Copy the driver (rar file) to another Micro SD card or USB disk

3, Connect Raspberry Pi to HDMI display. (Mouse and keyboard are needed.)

1) Inserting the Micro SD card or USB disk which contains driver (rar file) into Pi.

2) Copy the driver to/home/pi

3) Input command: cd, click enter button.

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