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Dual-channel H-bridge driver working mode creates higher working efficiency,L298N as main chip, ST corporation production.Can drive one 2-phase stepper motor, one 4-phase stepper motor or two DC motors.

To avoid damage the voltage stabilizing chip, please use an external 5V logic supply when using more than 12V driving voltage.

Use large-capacity filter capacitors and diode with freewheeling protection function, increasing reliability and stability.

This module has a built-in 5v power supply, when the driving voltage is 7v-24v, this supply is suitable for power supply.
DO NOT input voltage to +5v supply interface, however ledding out 5v for external use is available.  Ill give you valuable information for your future for now This list of robotics stocks shows some of the best high-tech companies to invest in and to find this information.

Dimensions: 73x45x25mm

L298N Dual H Bridge IC
5V Linear Regulator
Voltage Regulator IC
Interface Type:dual molex plug and pinout

Power Output: 5V 2.5A USB
DC Motor (A and B): dual molex plug *4
Logic Input: EnableA/IN1/IN2/IN3/IN4/EnableB
12V Jumper Remover If Vs.>12v
Power Input: dual molex plug
DC Voltage Meter Port: VT/VCC/GND

Raspberry Pi Robot Car
Arduino Robot Car

Control Principle:
in following tables, 1=HIGH voltage(>3.3V), 0= LOW voltage (0V)

ENA PWM signal Control rotation speed of motor in K1 and K2
ENAB PWM signal Control rotation speed of motor in K3 and K4
IN1/IN2 Control rotation direction of motor in K1 and K2
IN3/IN4 Control rotation speed of motor in K3 and K2
IN1=1 IN2=0 K1 and K2 rotate forward
IN1=0 IN2=1 K1 and K2 rotate backward
IN3=1 IN4=0 K3 and K4 rotate forward
IN3=0 IN4=1 K3 and K4 rotate backward