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In STEM educational market, micro:bit control board is becoming more and more popular. However, a single micro:bit control board is not easy to test with multiple sensor modules. We particularly design this OSOYOO Plug&Play(PnP) Board for Micro:Bit.

This board along with OSOYOO modularized electronic blocks, covering most popular  sensors and actuators makes BBC micro:bit board extremely easy to learn and install.

To avoid those potential errors from novice user,  OSOYOO PnP extension board for micro:bit makes wiring become very handy and easy and almost impossible to make mistakes when working with sensors and actuators. We also reserve the pins on the board so that DIY lovers can customize it and have more possibilities.

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No. Picture Product Name Link
1 BBC micro:bit micro Mainboard
2 OSOYOO Expansion board for Micro:bit
3 Green LED Module
4 Yellow LED Module
5 Red LED Module
6 White LED Module
7 Humi & Temp Module
8 Passive buzzer Module
9 Flame sensor Module
10 Red Button Module
11 Yellow Button Module
12 Photoresitor Module
13 RGB Module
14 IR Receiver Module
15 Infrared Remote Controller
16 Microphone Module
17 Potentiometer Module
18 Fan Motor module
19 Micro Servo motor
20 Ultrasonic detector module
21 1602 I2C LED Screen
22 1 Channel Relay Module