Product number DL-30
Chip model CC2530F256
working frequency 2400~2450MHz
Transmit power 4.5dBm
Transmission rate Up to 3300Bps
Operating Voltage 2.8V~5.5V
Working current 30ma
Operating mode Point-to-point working mode, broadcast working mode
Configuration method Button configuration, software configuration
Working channel 16 channels divided according to IEEE802.15.4
Communication Interface UART communication (support 8 baud rates: 2400/4800/9600/14400/19200/38400/57600/115200)
transfer method Completely transparent transmission
Receive sensitivity -97dBm
Bit error rate Point-to-point working mode: 0%
Broadcast working mode: 5%
Antenna interface Onboard PCB antenna
Operating temperature -40°C~85°C
Module size 16*32mm (without pin)
Transmission distance 250 meters (outdoor open and unobstructed)

The module supports baud rate:
2400 /4800 /9600 /14400 /19200 /38400 /57600 /115200

Corresponding lighting status:

The module supports channels (16 channels):

00 /01 /02 /03 /04 /05 /06 /07 /08 /09 /10 /11 /12 /13 /14 /15

The module supports working modes:
Point-to-point A, point-to-point B, broadcast mode
Configuration instruction format:


Format description:
DL-30: prefix.
XXXX: Baud rate: For example, 9600 is represented by 0096, 115200 is represented by 1152, and so on.
OO: channel: for example, channel 00 is 00, channel 14 is 14.
Y: Working mode: for example, point-to-point A uses A, point-to-point B uses B, and broadcast mode uses O.
The above four types of identifiers must be separated by spaces.

Configuration process:
Connect the SET pin of the module to GND when the power is on, and the module enters the configuration state (four light cycles
flicker). Within 12 seconds, configuration information must be sent to the module. If the time is exceeded, the module automatically enters work
status. The baud rate in the configuration state is 9600 and cannot be modified.

1. The serial port baud rate in the configuration state must be 9600.
2. The grounding time of the SET pin must exceed 100ms.
3. After the module enters the configuration state, as long as the module serial port receives 15 characters (regardless of whether this character is
Configuration information. Modules will enter working state).

Serial debugging assistant configuration example:
Use USB to TTL module to connect computer and wireless serial port module, wiring sequence VCC connect VCC, RX
Connect TX, TX connect RX, GND connect GND.

1. Enter the configuration information.

2. Connect the SET pin of the module to GND, and the serial port returns to “#1 UartConfig”.

3. Send configuration information, the serial port returns “#5 done” after successful configuration, and the module enters the working state immediately afterwards.
If the configuration fails, there is no return value, the module will also enter the working state.