Map 1 :Pins extended from OSOYOO Basic board

Map 2: ESP8266 and HC02 Bluetooth Module Pins

Fritzing Part file download link:


  1. Standard pin interface to achieve full compatibility with the pitch for Arduino Uno, Mega and so on. (Unless the standard size for Arduino, such as Nano, Mini)
  2. 3.3V power supply using advanced chip (with the official expansion board power chip ESP12S same), so 3.3V for Arduino board provided more accurate, so ESP8266 as official chip work as normal, there is no gap.
  3. It leads to a WiFi module power supply / service interface to facilitate developers to extend the power supply and maintenance.
  4. Onboard ESP8266-12 stable industrial grade serial WiFi module, using an enhanced PCB antenna, signal better.
  5. Constructed using high-quality components.
  6. Key/Reset button to allow easy automated reboot and update when flashing firmware to the ESP8266.
  7. Built-in high-speed automatic voltage-level-translation allows for use of 3.3v and 5v for Arduino boards and protects the ESP8266 GPIO pins from over-voltage
  8. Onboard ESP8266-12 stable industrial grade WiFi module with a metal shield, immunity to interference.
  9. Onboard ESP8266-12 standard pitch leads to a stable industrial grade WiFi module all interfaces, enabling developers to easily develop deep.
  10. Use stackable design, it can continue to accumulate above the other modules, easy to use.
  11. Onboard four LED displays the status of ESP8266, namely PWR, L_D13, STA