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Smart home is an intelligent place which can  assist the residents to live independently and comfortably with the help of modern technology.  In a smart home, all the mechanical and digital devices are connected with each other  and can be controlled by computer through the internet.

In this capstone project, we will   build a comprehensive smart home project  using many parts inside OSOYOO Smart Home IoT kit.



First, please plug OSOYOO MEGA-IoT Extension Board into MEGA2560 board:

Build the circuit as below:

Modules Osoyoo Mega 2560
White LED Module D2
Red Button Module D3
Fan Module D4
DHT11 Module D5
PIR Motion Sensor D6
Active Buzzer D7
Red LED Module D8
SG90 Servo D9
Blue Button Module D10
LED strip light D11
Photosensitive sensor A0
Flame sensor A1
I2C 1602 LCD I2C_1 Port
RGB Module RGB Port


Download and Edit Lesson4 Arduino Code

Step 1 Download the code from following link, unzip it:

Step 2 After above operations are completed, connect OSOYOO MEGA2560 Board to PC with USB cable.

Notice: Shut off your battery or unplug your power adapter when upload sketch code to Arduino.

Step 3 Open Arduino IDE:  Choose corresponding board type and port type for your project.

Step 4  Arduino IDE:  Click file – Open, then choose code in the folder, load up the  sketch onto your Arduino.

You need to edit the code as following:

In   lines 15,16 and replace *** with your Wi-Fi ssid/password

char ssid[] = "***";//replace *** with your wifi ssid
char pass[] = "***"; //replace *** with your wifi password

Upload the sketch to the board. Wait until you see something like this:

Done uploading

Now open Serial monitor in the upper right corner, you should see your Arduino IP address and Port number as following:

In above example, is the IP address of Arduino, please set it to APP in next step

APP Installation and Setting:
Step 1) If you haven’t installed OSOYOO IoT Robot APP, please search OSOYOO IoT Robot Car APP in Google Play or Apple Store to install this APP.
You read following tutorial link for more information about APP install :

Step 2):Make sure your Cell phone is in the same Local Network of Arduino. Open the APP, click Settings, enter your Arduino IP address from Step F and Port to 8888 in settings:

This function of this capstone projects:

1)After Starting the Arduino, you will see the Arduino IP address in LCD for two seconds, then LCD will display Temperature and Humidity data which are read from DHT11 sensor.
RGB module color at the beginning is GREEN, which means no alert.

2)Automatic Light
When environment is darker than some pre-defined value(enable_led in line 39), Arduino will turn on light (WHITE LED in D2)

3)Flame detect and alert
If flame sensor data in A1 is lower than some pre-defined value (flame_alert in line 38), it means flame is detected, then Arduino will trig buzzer alert and send flame message to LCD and cell phone APP. Also, the RGB color will change to RED!

4)Intruder detect and alert
If PIR motion sensor data in D6 detects motion, then Arduino will trig buzzer alert and send Intruder message to LCD and cell phone APP. Also, the RGB color will change to Blue!

5)Manually stop intruder and flame alert
You can press Blue button in D10 or Press F1 key in APP to stop buzzer beep and remove alert message in LCD and APP.

6)Using APP to open the Door
You can press the F8 key to rotate the servo to D9  and open the door. The Red LED in D8 will turn on when the door is open. After 2 seconds, the door will automatically close and the red LED will turn off.

7)Toggle Strip LED and Fan by Red button in D3
Red button in D3 is attached to hardware interrupt in line 109. When you press Red button each time, the interrupt handler function changeflag() in line 115 to 117 with switch the strip LED and Fan ON/OFF status.

8)Control Strip LED and Fan by APP
In addition to red button, you can also to turn on the strip LED and Fan by press F2 key in APP,
You can turn off the strip LED and Fan by press F3 key in APP.

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