mBlock is designed for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) education. Inspired by Scratch 3.0, it supports both graphical and textual programming languages.

Software versions

Currently, the following software versions are available:

By signing in to mBlock 5, you can have your projects automatically stored in the cloud. Try synchronizing your projects across devices (such as PCs and mobile devices) now!

Get to Know the UIToolbar:


  1. Language: Click to change the UI language.
  2. File: Click to create, open, save a project, import a project from your PC, or export your project to PC.
  3. Edit: Click to turn on/off the stage turbo mode or hide/unhide the stage
  4. Title: Click to set or change the title of the current project.
  5. Save: Click to save the current project to My Projects.
  6. Publish: Click to publish the current project to the mBlock community.
  7. Courses: Click to visit the website:
  8. Tutorials: Click to view the online user guide and example programs.
  9. Feedback: Click to give your feedback for mBlock.
  10. More: Click to see more functions about Check For Updates, About mBlock, About version 5.4.0, Serial driver quick install, Set as default editor, Cooperation.
  11. Sign up/Sign in: Click to sign up for an mBlock account or sign in. After signing in to mBlock 5, you can click to view your projects, profile, account center, and cloud service authentication code or click to sign out.”
  12. Python Editor: Click to enter the mBlock-Python Editor.

Editing area

  • Stage area: You can present your designs, connect devices, and set your sprites and backdrops here.
  • Blocks area: You can find the blocks you need by category and color here.
  • Scripts area: You can compile your program by dragging blocks to this area.

When you drag a block in the Scripts area and right-click on the block, you can do these operations for the block, as shown in the above picture.

When you drag a block in the Scripts area and right-click on a blank space, you can do these operations for the block, as shown in the above picture

Connect the OSOYOO basic board:

Step 1) Download the OSOYOO_UNO.mext device file from”
Step 2) Run the mBlock PC software by double-clicking the lovely Panda icon. You will see the mBlock UI as the following picture. Please delete the default device CyberPi by clicking the cross in the red circle.”

Step 3) Drag and drop the osoyoo_uno_mext file (downloaded in Step 1) to the mBlock software as shown below:

Now you will see a new device firmware in mBlock, as shown in the following picture:

Now, mBlock software and OSOYOO_UNO device firmware have been successfully installed on our PC!

To upload a program to the OSOYOO Basic board, follow these steps:

1)Connect your board to your PC using a USB cable. Then, click the Connect button at the bottom of the mBlock software. A USB window will pop up.

2)Select the “Show all connectable devices” checkbox. This will bring up a device drop-down menu.

3)From the device drop-down menu, select your port.

4)Click the Connect button to connect your PC to your board.

5)Once your PC is connected to your board, click the Upload button at the bottom of the software. This will upload the code to your board.

For more information, please refer to the user guide or visit the following link:”