1 Overview


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MKS SBase advantage over 2560 control board:

SBase 2560
CPU Cortex M3 LPC1768 ATMEGA2560
CPUfrequency  100MHz  16MHz
CPU bits 32 bits CPU  8 bits CPU
firmware Smoothieware  Marlin
Motor driver DRV8825  A4988
Support RJ45 network port Yes No
Current adjustment by software by potentiometer
Control method 1)12864 LCD screen2)MKS TFT2.8(3.2) touch screen3)PC GUI4)Web page GUI 1)2004 or 12864 LCD2)MKS TFT2.8(3.2)touch screen3)PC GUI

2. Connection Graph 


3.Prerequisite for running

1)Download firemware from :https://osoyoo.com/driver/smoothieware.rar

2)hardware:Besides this control board, you also need 42-step motor,stop-switch,heat-sensor,12V/24V power adapter

3)Memory Card: MicroSD /TF memory card

1)After download and unzip the firmware, copy firmware.bin into TF  card root folder.
2) If you use Delta printer, you need find the  config-mks-delta.txt under /config folder, copy it to TF card root folder and change its name to config.txt
If you use regular printer, please find config-mks-xyz.txt under /config folder,copy it to TF card root folder and  change its name to config.txt



1) Connect the hardware as per Connection Graph above
2)insert TF card(with firmware and config.txt and 3D module file inside) into board
3) Turn on the power

6.Printing control
If you want to use 12864 LCD or MKS TFT2.8/mega2560 touch screen or  to control the printer, please search our related article in osoyoo.com. Here we only introduce control method through PC GUI and Web page:

Use PC USB port to control printer:

1)Install USB driver:connect board to PC USB port, windows will ask you to update driver, please use the file under firmware TF card /driver folder to update the driver.

2) After driver is installed, you will see a new COM port
3) Run Printrun  and select correct COM port

You can download Printrun from :https://osoyoo.com/driver/Pronterface.rar

7.WebPage control 

You can config the IP address in config.txt  file. After you have assigned IP to printer board. you can use browser to visit that IP.
For example , if you assigned board IP to, use a browser(recommend  google chrome) to visit

You will see web gui to control printer.