OSOYOO ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module is a high Cost Performance ratio  Wi-Fi connection device designed for Arduino.  It can make your devices connect to Wi-Fi Internet through Serial COM protocol in a convenient and cost effective way.

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Highlight of OSOYOO ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module

Traditional ESP8266 chip must work in 3.3V voltage which might be damaged by Basic board 5V digital output.  We designed a build-in voltage converter inside the module, so you can simply connect the Module to any  Basic board digital or analog pins without voltage converting.

We also simplified the ESP8266 output pins from 8 pins to 6 pins.  The most important four pins are E_RX, E_TX, GND, VCC which are located in the center  of  following pin map:

Compatible to HC02 HC05 HC06 Bluetooth slot

Many Basic board Robot project will use HC02 , HC05, HC06 Bluetooth module to connect Basic board to Bluetooth devices through Serial pins. OSOYOO ESP8266 module has same pin layout as HC02,HC05,HC06 module. So if your device has slot for HC02, you can simply insert this WiFi module into your HC02 slot and make it has extra WiFi function.

Fritzing Prototyping part file

OSOYOO ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module is a great product for Basic board Internet of Things (IoT) prototyping and learning. To help you design sample project, we have made a Fritzing part file for programmer to design circuit diagram. You can download the Fritzing part from following link:

Tutorial Link

OSOYOO ESP8266 Wi-Fi module can support different Internet of Things protocols including HTTP, UDP, MQTT etc.  To help our user to use this powerful Basic board WIFI Module, we designed some sample project lessons to help you understand how to program this Wi-Fi module in your Basic board IoT Projects.

Here are the tutorial lesson links:

Above ESP8266 Module tutorial are based on AiThinker Firmware, if you want to reflash AiThinker firmware to ESP8266, read following tutorial: