Now day’s many industries are using robots due to their high level of performance and reliability and which is a great help for human beings. The obstacle avoidance robotics is used for detecting obstacles and avoiding the collision. This is an autonomous robot. The design of obstacle avoidance robot requires the integration of many sensors according to their task.

The obstacle detection is primary requirement of this autonomous robot. The robot gets the information from surrounding area through mounted sensors on the robot. Some sensing devices used for obstacle detection like bump sensor, infrared sensor, ultrasonic sensor etc. Ultrasonic sensor is most suitable for obstacle detection and it is of low cost and has high ranging capability.

In this project, an Obstacle Avoiding Robot is designed. It is an Arduino based robot that uses Ultrasonic range finder sensors to avoid collisions.

扩展板上点击控制端子 — 扩展板上IO端口
左右电机接线端子分别接到扩展板上的L1 R1端口
IN1 —D12 //K1、K2 motor direction
IN2 —D13 //K1、K2 motor direction
IN3 —D9 //K3、K4 motor direction
IN4 —D10 //K3、K4 motor direction
ENA —D5 // Needs to be a PWM pin to be able to control motor speed ENA
ENB —D6 // Needs to be a PWM pin to be able to control motor speed ENB



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