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You could install OSOYOO customized image for raspberry pi 3.5″ touch screen, please visit the detailed tutorial link:

Driver Installation Guide:

You can install the touch driver for 3.5″ HDMI touch screen based on the existing system, but it just supports raspbian and ubuntu system. Click the link to

1) Burn OS system (raspbian and ubuntu) in a TF card/micro SD card, and insert this card in your raspberry Pi

2) Connect the raspberry pi with 3.5″ HDMI touch screen and make sure that the network is available for raspberry pi

3) Download Driver to your PC3.5″ HDMI touch screen driver

4) Copy the driver into a NEW USB flash, and insert to Rapberry Pi.

5) Copy the driver and paste it to the folder of raspberry pi, Raspbian Direction: Pi, Ubuntu direction: XXX’s home(XXX means your username of ubuntu)

6) Enter the following command in terminal to change the executable permissions of file:
sudo chmod 777 LCD_show_35hdmi.tar.gz

7) Enter the following command in terminal to unzip the file
tar -xzvf LCD_show_35hdmi.tar.gz

8) Enter the following command in terminal to enter the files after Unzip
cd LCD_show_35hdmi

9)choose one command to install suitable resolution driver:
Resolution 480*320: sudo ./LCD35_480*320
Resolution 720*480: sudo ./LCD35_720*480
Resolution 810*540: sudo ./LCD35_810*540

Wait for a while, the driver would be installed and reset automatically, insert the 3.5″ HDMI screen and turn on.
If you want to install the previous system, please use the command :sudo ./LCD_restore

Now you have completed to install the touch driver for 3.5″ HDMI touch screen.

If you want to update the system, please do it as per the following steps:

1) Keep the core and driver locked and unchanged
sudo apt-mark hold raspberrypi-kernel

2) Keep the resolution unchanged
sudo apt-mark hold raspberrypi-bootloader

3) Update the system
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Command “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade” Not recommend to update the system. As it would be the newest update but maybe not safe