1) Objective:

In this project, we will use Arduino UNO to drive JoyStick Shield and imitate mouse/keyboard. JoyStick Shield has one 2-axis control stick, 7 button key. We will connect these 7 button output to Arduino D2 to D8 , connect 2-axis output to A0 and A1. See following connection table.

JoyStick Shield

Arduino UNO

Button A D2
Button B D3
Button C D4
Button D D5
Button E D6
Button F D7
Button KYE D8
X A0
Y A1

The JoyStick Shield in this project has nRF24L01 RF Port, Nokia 5110 LCD Port,Bluetooth and I2C inteface.  There is a voltage switch to select 3.3V and 5V board voltage.

2) Parts and devices:

1 x Arduino UNO

1 x JoyStick Shield

3)Circuit Connection graph

Insert JoyStick Shield into Arduino UNO, make sure the direction is correct!

4) Download sample code from following link

Download Joystick-Shield.ino sketch and load it into Arduino.

5) Result:

Open Serial terminal in upright corner of Arduino IDE, try to push any button or move control stick, you will see Button  “A” to “F” and  X/Y axis direction information in the window.