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Smoke Detectors are very useful in detecting smoke or fire in buildings, and so are the important safety parameters. It is sensible to flammable gas: Alcohol, and Methane etc. The voltage that the sensor outputs change according to
the smoke/gas level that exists in the atmosphere. The sensor outputs a voltage that is proportional to the concentration of smoke/gas. In other words, the relationship between voltage and gas concentration is as following:

In this DIY Lesson, we’ll learn how to monitor the smoke detector from remote browser

Step B) Open your OSOYOO IOT UDP Robot app. If you haven’t installed this app, please read the APP               installation section in Lesson 2.

      Step C) Make sure your cell phone is on the same local network as Arduino. Open the app, click       Settings, enter your Arduino IP address from Step A, and port to 8888 in settings.

Now, press any key on your app, and your screen will display something like the following picture.