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In this lesson, we will use Mobile to control our robot car and make an imitation driving. Since is a mock driving, we will use a virtual steering wheel and gear in our APP to imitate their counterparts in real car.

You must complete lesson 2 Basic Movement before you continue on with this lesson.

If you don’t complete the frame of car, please review lesson 1

Parts and Devices

No. Device Picture Qty. Accessories
1 ESP8266 WIFI Shield 1 Click here to buy

Wire Connection

ESP8266 Wifi Module must be inserted into Soft Serial Port Slot and two wifi jumper caps are installed as following picture.

Remove Jumper on ENA,IN1,IN2

PART Motor Shield
IN3 jumper D9
IN4 jumper D10
ENB jumper D6
Steer Servo D7
Back Motor cable K3 or K4
E_TX jumper D4
E_RX jumper D11

Software Installation

Step 1) Download OSOYOO Wifi UDP Robot Car control APP
In Google Play or Apple Store, please search key words “OSOYOO Wifi UDP Robot Car”, you will find an orange icon APP as following:

Step 2) Please download the library zip file from WiFiEsp-master .Open Arduino IDE ->click Sketch ->Include Library ->Add .ZIP library , then load above zip file into Arduino.

Step 3) Arduino Sketch code Installation:
The Car can work in two Wifi modes: STA mode and AP mode. The Arduino sketches for these two modes are different. Let’s explain these two modes one by one

A)STA mode
In STA mode, V3 Robot Car will be a client device of your LAN router. You need save the SSID name and password of your LAN router in Arduino sketch.
Once the sketch is running, your router DHCP service will assign an IP address to your robot car and your APP will use this IP address to access your car.

1) Please download STA mode sketch code from . Unzip the file, you will see a folder “sg90car-lesson5A”. Open Arduino IDE -> click file -> click Open -> choose code “sg90car-lesson5A.ino” in above folder, load the code into Arduino

2) You need change the code  in line 43,45

char ssid[] = “YOUR_ROUTER_SSID”; // replace this with your router wifi SSID

char pass[] = “YOUR_ROUTER_WIFI_PASSWORD”; // replace with your wifi password

3) Please change the default value 90 in line 19 as the FRONT value in lesson 1. If you align the wheel direction via the option 1 in Step 5, please skip this step.

#define FRONT 90        //degree when steering facing straight forward

4) Upload the sketch to Arduino. Finally, click the Serial monitor window in upper right corner of Arduino IDE, you will see following result:

5) In this mode, your will see an IP address which is our LAN IP address assigned by my router. Please write down this IP address and click Setting to set up robot IP address and set this IP address to your APP Setting section and Port to 8888 in settings.

Now your Robot car is connected to your LAN, you can use Mobile phone under same LAN to control the robot car. If your APP is in WAN, you need to go to your Router Control Panel, forward Port 8888 to Robot car LAN IP address, then you can use Router IP to control the car. This feature makes our robot car A REAL INTERNET OF THING device

B)AP mode
Sometimes we are in outdoor and do not have a LAN or Wifi Router. In order to control the car, we need to use AP mode.
When working in AP mode, our robot car itself will become a Wifi Hot Spot. Our cell phone can connect to Robot Car as its wifi client. The IP address of Robot is fixed as and It is not connected to WAN.
1) Please download sketch from following link: Unzip the file, you will see a folder “v3car-lesson5B”. Open Arduino IDE -> click file -> click Open -> choose code “v3car-lesson5B.ino” in above folder, load the code into Arduino

2) Open your Arduino Serial monitor, and you will see a similar result as STA mode. A new Wifi SSID “osoyoo_robot” with IP address will show up in the window. This means your Robot car has a Wifi Hot Spot name “osoyoo_robot” , its IP address is

3) Connect your cell phone to “osoyoo_robot” wifi hot_spot, and set IP address as “” and port to 8888 to your APP Setting section

Now your Robot car become a Wifi Hot Spot, you can use Mobile phone control the robot car.

Final Testing

Trun on the car. Now click Setting to set up robot IP address.

A) In STA mode, you need connect cell phone to the same LAN ssid of your robot car and set IP address same as the Robot IP showed in Arduino Serial Monitor.

B) In AP mode , you need contact your cell phone to “osoyoo_robot” wifi hot_spot and set IP address as

you can click the button to make left turn(rotate steering wheel  counterclockwise) , click button to make right turn (rotate steering wheel   clockwise), if you keep press these two buttons, it will turn at sharper angle.
button will make car move forward and key will make car move backward.