In this project, we will use IR receiver VS1838B to decode the signal sent by any Infrared Remote controller(i.e.remote controllers for TV, DVD, Satellite box, and the IR controller with this kit etc).

Step 1Download IRremote Library, and then import the library into Arduino IDE(in Arduino IDE->Sketch->Import Library->Add Library)

Step 2 – Connect Arduino with IR Receiver
Connect Signal-Out pin(left),Ground pin(middle) and VCC pin(right),connect Signal out pin to Arduino D10,Grand to Arduino GND and VCC to Arduino 5V as per following graph:



Step 3Download irdemo.ino sketch file, load it into Arduino.

Step 4 – Point the Remote controller to the flat side of IR receiver(the side with “VS1838B” printing), then push any key on the remote controller. click the serial monitor in the upright corner of IDE window. The monitor Window will show the code of the key you just pushed. see following graph: