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Internet of Things (IOT), described by wikipedia, is  “the infrastructure of the information society“.  Learning IOT technology not only helps student make many fancy projects in science fair, hackathon and  homeworks, but also prepare  the necessary knowledge base for their future career path in an interesting way.

In order to help beginners to learn the fascinating IOT technology, we designed this starter kit to help students learn the basic idea and programming skill on Internet of Things.

The core device in this kit is NodeMCU micro controller which is based on ESP8266, an enconimcal and powerful chip which support wifi and Arduino IDE. If you have some experience on coding Arduino, you can start NodeMCU programming in no time.

In order to connect Things to Internet, we uses a very popular and simple IOT protocol – MQTT which has many free open-source coding resources and mobile APP to help beginners to get started in an easy and economical way.

In this starter kit, every device and sensor has a step-by-step example tutorial which can save you a lot of  researching and learning time. The sample code in this tutorial is quite straight forward with detailed comments, you can easily customize the code to make your own project.

Packing Detail and Project link for each component: