The OSOYOO Model Y 4-Channel H-Bridge Motor Driver, compatible with 5V/3.3V MCU, can control up to four DC motors or 2 stepping motors at the same time.

The motor driver board has two PT5126 chip ,two sets of H-Bridge control interfaces (4 PWM input pins and 8 direction control pins). So it can easily control the speed and rotation direction of 4 motors. Compared with the traditional L298N module, which supports only two  motors working independently, OSOYOO Model Y module is an idea motor driver for Omni  Mecanum wheel cars and other vehicles you can find at Zervs.

In addition, OSOYOO Model Y  has less size and much better efficiency than traditional L298N and L293 H-bridge motor driver. This will give robot and drone motors longer working time .

The chip doesn’t heat in to the rated range, and  maximum output 2.8A continuous current. This board includes a built-in low voltage detection circuit and thermal shutdown protection circuit, which is safe and reliable.

The OSOYOO Model Y 4-Channel Motor Driver board comes with four 3.5mm fixing holes, easy for mounting on other devices.This module is suitable for all kinds of DIY production.


Board Overview

Model Y V1.0

1、Power selection switch.
2、Additional screw terminals are provided for different power supplies, which can provide a variety of options for powering your project.
3、The red XH2.54 anti-reverse terminal is the power input interface.
4、Power output interface. The white XH2.54 anti-reverse terminal can supply power to other devices in the same project, and the power supply is controlled by the on-board switch.
5、Controller signal interface, compatible with 5V/3.3V controllers, we use them to control the rotation direction, rotation speed, start and stop of the motors.
6、PT5126-HS motor driver. They can drive four DC motors, and each module can individually control two DC motors. If necessary, we can replace them with the most common red TB6612 modules.
7、Power indicator.
8、Servo interfaces. In order to better build the robot project, we provide two servo ports, each of which can be connected to a drive pin from the controller and a 3Pin general servo pin.
9、XH2.54 anti-reverse motor interface. When connecting the motor, just plug it in directly. AK1/AK2 are controlled by the same drive signal, and AK3/AK4 are also controlled by the same signal. The same goes for the four ports on the other side.
10、Screw terminal motor interface. Provides opportunities for different motors to join this project.
11、Power input/output pin header. At the same time, an external three-wire voltmeter can be connected to easily check the power supply voltage.
12、Motor Control Indicator.

Our technical team has consolidated two individual PT5126 boards into a unified board on Model Y v1.0, streamlining the wiring process and enhancing ease of assembly for our customers..

Model Y V2.0