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1 Overview

In this lesson, we’ll show how to remote monitor the environment temperature and pressure value from Cayenne IOT platform.

2 Hareware preparation

Osoyoo UNO Board 1
Ethernet Shield W5100 1
USB cable 1
BMP180 1
Jumper wires several
Breadboard 1

3 Hareware connection

Connect the BMP180 with UNO as following diagram:

4 Upload sketch to your Arduino

please copy and paste the sketch into Arduino IDE(You can also download the sketch here), Before uploading the sketch , please make sure you have done the following step:

1)Install library:



Choose the Board type Arduino Uno and correct Port, then upload the sketch to your Uno board.  In the Cayenne dashboard, copy the MQTT usename ,password and ID to your code . the temperature and barometer widgets will be displayed:

From the databoard,we can read the temperature is 30.10 Celsius Degrees and the barometer is997.69HPa. At the same time you can read the data from your Adroid/iOS smart phone no matter where you are.