In many variety shows, we can always see the judges in the front row use OX board to judge the performance of players. Now let’s make a simple judgement board together.


When design the circuit, button switch is a commonly used component. The micro:bit main board has two built-in buttons, however, sometimes still need to use external button when design the circuit. So in this project, you will learn how to use our push button module to control 5*5 LED of micro:bit display different images.


You will need the following parts:


Connect It Up
Insert the micro:bit into the OSOYOO expansion board. Then connect button module to the P0 port of the OSOYOO expansion board. Shown below.




If you are not familiar to make code, don’t worry. Firstly, you can enter this link: to know more about microbit blocks.
Then you can directly enter the to edit your project program. Below is an example code we have done for you as reference.

Example Result
Done wiring and powered up, send the code to MICROBIT. When press the button on the module, you should see the LED matrix of micro:bit show the icon like an “O”. Otherwise, it will show the icon like “X”.


As a little judge, don’t you think it’s cool?