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Mecanum Omni wheel is a very powerful wheel technology which allows robot car make omni-directional movement( parallel shift to left and right).

In this project, we will show how to use Arduino to control an Osoyoo Brand Mecanum wheel robot car.

OSOYOO Mecanum Wheels Robotic Car Chassis x 1 (2xleft-wheels/2xright-wheels and GM25 Stepper Motor x 4)
OSOYOO UNO board or MEGA2560 board fully compatible with Arduino UNO/Mega2560 x 1
OSOYOO V1.0 WIFI Shield x 1
OSOYOO Model X motor driver x 2
OSOYOO Ultrasonic sensor Module
OSOYOO battery box x 1
18650 batteries(3.7V) x 2

First, please insert OSOYOO wifi shield into UNO board.

Motor wire connections:
If you just finishes Lesson 1, please keep all lesson 1 connections same as following:


Motor Driver to Arduino UNO connection

Ultrasonic Sensor Module connection:
If you just finishes lesson 2, please remove all wires connected on tracking sensor module and release those pin holes for Ultrasonic sensor module as following:

Wifi Board Ultrasonic sensor Module
A4 Trig
A5 Echo

Servo Connection:
Connect Servo 3-pin head to any Model X board servo slot(yellow to S pin, red to 5v,brown to G pin), then connect another S pin to WIFI board D5.

STEP6: Software Sketch download
Arduino Software download:

Unzip above file and load the code into Arduino IDE. Now put the car on to a tracking line (black line in white ground). Turn on the power of batter box, the car will run along the tracking line automatically.