Note: ALL OSOYOO Products for Arduino are Third Party Board which is fully compatitable with Arduino

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The Osoyoo Basic Kit is designed to facilitate beginners and developers to quickly learn electronic technology. It help users to turn the idea into a practical application. This kit is based on the Osoyoo basic R3 board. The Osoyoo basic board is fully compatible with the official Arduino UNO R3 board. The Osoyoo Basic Kit comes with numerous electronic parts that enable you to start making your own projects. It include a breadboard,an LCD display stepper motor, small servo motor, a relay, infrared remote, a RGB LED, a number of sensors, LEDs, jumpers, resistors and other electronic components.

In addition to a complete set of hardware components the kit has a DVD provide detailed tutorials that you can follow. They come with detailed explanations of the components involved in the projects, fritzing diagrams of the hardware connections and sample codes. The projects progress from the easiest beginner-level tutorials to more complex tutorials for advanced users.  These tutorials as well as online tutorials available on the Osoyoo website and blogs will provide you with enough material for your learning needs. After you are done with the tutorials, you should be able to make your own projects using the different components the kit has.

Arduino is the largest open-source hardware platform in the world and offers infinite possibilities on what you can achieve using simple microcontroller-based products. Learning how to program using the Arduino platform is a never-ending process. New hardware is designed and unveiled to the market every day, but the good thing is that the basics remain the same.

The OSOYOO Basic board has the best features over any other microcontroller. See a few below:

Osoyoo starter kits come packed with information and hardware. As a newbie, you probably don’t know head from tail when it comes to doing hardware connections and programming the OSOYOO basic board. Therefore, you need some detailed tutorial or guide that you can use during the learning process. The Osoyoo Basic Kit should be a good choice to start your Arduino journey!

Packing List

Osoyoo Basic board x1
LED Pack(6 x Bright White, 6 x Red, 6 x Yellow, 6 x Green) x1
Push Buttons x5
Positive Buzzer x1
Potentiometer(10kilohm adjustable resistor) x3
Photoresistor(light sensor) x3
TMP36 x1
Tilt sensor x1
Infrared Remote Controller and Receiver(VS1838B) x1
1-digit 7 Segment LED Display(Common cathode) x1
4-digit 7 Segment LED Display(Common cathode) x1
Alphanumeric I2C LiquidCrystal Display(16×2 LCD ) x1
Stepper Motor+Bridge x1
SG90 Micro Servo Motor x1
Resistors Package (20 x 200ohm, 20 x 1Kohm, 20 x 10Kohm, 5 x 1Mohm) x1
Jumper Wires Pack(M/M Jumper x 20,F/F Jumper x 20, M/F Jumper x 20) x1
Full Size Breadboard x1
A to B USB Cable x1
Capacitors (100nF x 5, 10nF x 5)
74HC595 x 2

Arduino Lessons Content List:

Lesson 1
What is Arduin?

Lesson 2
Osoyoo Basic Board

Lesson 3
Download and Install Arduino IDE
Lesson 4
What is a Sketch and how does it work?
Lesson 5
How to Install Additional Arduino Libraries
Lesson 6
Hello World
Lesson 7
Lesson 8
Lesson 9
Eight of Flowing Water Light
Lesson 10
PWM Control LED Brightness(Breathing Light)

Lesson 11

Lesson 12
Lesson 13

Lesson 14

Lesson 15
The Serial Monitor

Lesson 16
I2C LCD1602 Display

Lesson 17

Lesson 18
One Digit 7-Segment LED Display

Lesson 19
4 Digit 7 Segment LED Display

Lesson 20

Lesson 21
SW-520D Tilt Sensor

Lesson 22

Lesson 23
74HC595 with one digit 7-segment led display

Lesson 24
Digital Dice

Lesson 25
Traffic Light Controller

Lesson 26
IR RemoteControl

Lesson 27
Stepper Motor

Lesson 28
Stepper Speed Control

Lesson 29

We provide the above lessons for now. More lessons will be added in the future.

Last but not the least, work out what you will be doing with your kit and what things you already have. Make a list of the things you will need and how you will design your project. This is one of the most important considerations while choosing the best Osoyoo starter kit.