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In this lesson, we will use Mobile to control our robot car and make an imitation driving. Since is a mock driving, we will use a virtual steering wheel and gear in our APP to imitate their counterparts in real car.

You must complete lesson 2 Basic Movement before you continue on with this lesson.

If you don’t complete the frame of car, please review lesson 1

Parts and Devices

No. Picture Device Qty. Accessories Link
1 HC module 1 Click here to buy

Hardware Installation

Step 1: Install the smart car basic frame work as per Lesson 2. If you have already completed installation in Lesson 1 , just keep it as is.

Step 2: Insert Bluetooth Module into OSOYOO motor shield V1.0 Bluetooth slot as following graph (Remember: DO NOT remove any existing wires installed in Lesson 1):

Software Installation:

Open-source Arduino
Download Arduino IDE here:
7 zip is a free zip
utility that un-zips zip files
Download 7zip here for free
OSOYOO imitation driving Robot APP
Search “OSOYOO imitation driving” in
Google Play or Apple APP store

Step 1: Install latest Arduino IDE (If you have Arduino IDE version after 1.1.16, please skip this step). Download Arduino IDe from , then install the software.

Step 2:Download Lesson 6 sample code. unzip the downloaded   file , you will see a folder called sg90car-lesson6.

Step 3: Connect Arduino UNO to PC with USB cable, Open Arduino IDE -> click file -> click Open -> choose code “lesson6.ino” in lesson6 folder, load the code into arduino. (Notice: Remove the bluetooth module and Shut off your battery or Unplug your power adapter when upload sketch code to Arduino.)

Step 4: Please change the default value 90 in line 19 as the FRONT value in lesson 1. If you align the wheel direction via the option 1 in Step 5, please skip this step.

#define FRONT 90        //degree when steering facing straight forward

Step 5: Choose corresponding board/port for your project, upload the sketch to the board.

Step 6:Install APP into your mobile phone:

1) Install APP on Android device as following

In Google Play store search APP name “OSOYOO imitation driving”, download the APP as following and install it in your smart phone

If you can not use Google Play to find the APP, please Download the APP from following link :

2) Install APP on Apple IOS device as following

In Apple APP store search APP name “OSOYOO imitation driving”, download the APP as following and install it in your smart phone

Explanation of APP UI (UI is different between Android and IOS)

Connect APP to HC-02 Bluetooth Module

Drive your Robot Car

Now you have installed your hardware and software for this lesson, let’s drive our car!

Step 1)Put your robot car onto the ground and turn on the battery switch.

Step 2)Go to your mobile phone ->Setting ->Bluetooth setting and search a Bluetooth device called HC-02, pair it with code 1234

Step 3)Open OSOYOO imitation driving Robot APP, Click BT Search button and find the bluetooth you have paired

Step 4)Turn on Engine toggle, click Speed+ to make the robot speed up as the robot car is very slow at first. When you rotate your mobile phone angle, your car will change direction.

Enjoy your driving!