II.Parts and Devices
III.Hardware Installation
IV.Software Installation
VI.How to play

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Model 2021006600
Mecanum Omni direction wheel is a very interesting wheel which allows robot car make omni-directional movement( e.g.  parallel shift to left and right).

In this project, we will show how to use Arduino to control an Osoyoo brand Mecanum wheel robot car to make some basic movement including go forward, backward, left turn, right turn, parallel left shift, parallel right shift etc.

This lesson also shows you how to install the chassis of this car and connect Arduino control signal wires to model Y board. This installation will be the start point of our other lessons.

Download PDF Tutorials:https://osoyoo.com/manual/2021006600.pdf

OSOYOO Robot car installation video: https://osoyoo.com/manual/2021006600.html

OSOYOO Mecanum wheels robotic car chassis x1
OSOYOO Wheels and motors x4 (left-wheels x2/right-wheels x2)
OSOYOO Mega2560 board fully compatible with Arduino UNO/Mega2560 x1
OSOYOO Uart WIFI shield x1
OSOYOO Model Y Motor driver board
(it is integrated with two pcs of TB6612 H-Bridge Driver which can control 4 separate channel and 8 PWM output ports.)
OSOYOO Voltage meter x1
OSOYOO Battery box x1
OSOYOO 6pin male to female jumper wire x2
OSOYOO 3pin female to female jumper wire x1
OSOYOO 2 pin PnP female to female x1
18650 Batteries(3.7V) x2
Battery charger x1


1)Fix 4 motors with Metal Motor Holders as follows. (Please check the motor direction before installing metal motor holders.)

2) Fix 4 motors on lower car chassis with M3*10 hex screws via hex screwdriver. (screws for this step are in metal motor holder package.)

3)Insert TB6612 module onto OSOYOO model Y driver board.

If you receive the updated model Y driver board V2.0 as follows, please skip over the step 3).

Note: The white button has two status, PUSH-DOWN and POP-UP and make sure the button is in PUSH-DOWN position.

4) Install OSOYOO model Y driver board to lower car chassis with 4pcs M3 plastic screws,plastic pillars and plastic nuts.And connect 4 motors to   Model Y motor board K1 and K3 sockets as per following graph.
(Please make sure you install the OSOYOO MODEL Y driver board in correct direction.)

If you receive the updated model Y driver board V2.0, please install it as follows.

5) Install tracking sensor modules on lower car chassis with 2 pcs M3 plastic screws, M3 plastic pillars and M3 plastic nuts.

6) Fix copper pillars with 6pcs M3*10 screws and 6pcs washers on lower chassis.

7)Fix this Battery Box on upper chassis with 4pcs M3 x 10 screws and M3 nuts.

8)Install voltage meter on low car chassis with 2pcs M3 plastic screws, plastic pillars and plastic nuts.

9) Fix OSOYOO Mega2560 board on upper car chassis with 6pcs M3 plastic screws, 6pcs plastic pillars and 2pcs plastic nuts. (Please install Mega2560 board at the side with printing.)

Insert OSOYOO Uart WiFi shield onto your Mega2560 board.

10)Install servo motor at the front of upper car chassis with 2pcs M2.2*8 Self Tapping Screws.

11)Install 2pcs IR distance sensors with 2pcs M3 plastic screws, M3 plastic pillars and M3 plastic nuts at the front of upper car chassis. You can install M3 plastic screws under upper chassis  in order to tighten IR distance sensors enough.

12)Install 2pcs LED light on the front barrier plate as follows.

13) Before combine upper and lower chassis into one, it need the circuit connection.

14)Connect OSOYOO model Y board to OSOYOO Uart WiFi shield with 2pcs 6pin male to female jumper wires as follows. The 6-pin wires in Area B need to go through the hole near SG90 servo, the other 6-pin  wires in Area A need to go through the hole near voltage meter.

When insert/remove this 6-pin plug into Model Y 6-pin male socket, please hold the plastic pin-holder to do operation. Never drag the wires to pull the plug out of the socket, otherwise it will damage the wires.

If you receive the updated model Y driver board V2.0, please install it as follows.

Connect voltage meter to OSOYOO model Y board with 3pin female to female jumper wire as below connection diagram.

Connect OSOYOO model Y board 12V-GND socket to VIN-GND socket with OSOYOO 2pin PnP cable 20cm as per following graph.

Connect battery box to VIN-GND socket of OSOYOO Uart WiFi shield according below connection diagram.

16)Install 2pcs LED Lights on the front transverse diaphragm as follows.
Connect the LED light to OSOYOO Uart WiFi shield as follows.

17) Connect SG90 servo motor, OSOYOO model Y board and OSOYOO Uart WiFi shield as following diagram.

18)Connect GND-VCC pin of tracking sensor module to GND-5V of OSOYOO Uart WiFi shield V1.3; connect IR1, IR2, IR3, IR4, IR5 pins to A4, A3, A2, A3, A1 with 7pin 25cm female to female cable as the following photo shows.

19)Fix upper chassis to lower chassis with 6pcs M3*10 hex screws.

20)Install 4 wheels onto the motors with 4pcs M2.2×22 screws or M2.5X20 screws.

Special Note: Some user might found that the M2.2 screw might be too short to fix the wheel to the car, if this is your case, please contact OSOYOO support ([email protected]) and ask for free new M2.5×20 screws

Note: there are two types and to arrange them so the rollers point toward center of car when viewed from above.

Now hardware installation is almost down. Before we install 18650 batteries into the box, we need burn the sample code into Arduino First.

Open-source Arduino
Download Arduino IDE here:
7 zip is a free zip
utility that un-zips zip files
Download 7zip here for free

Step 1: Install latest Arduino IDE (If you have Arduino IDE version after 1.1.16, please skip this step). Download Arduino IDE from https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software?setlang=en , then install the software.

Step 2: Download https://osoyoo.com/driver/mecanum_acrylic_chassis_v2/mc-lesson1.zip, unzip the download zip file mc-lesson1.zip, you will see a folder called mc-lesson1.zip.

Step 3: Connect Mega2560 board to PC with USB cable, Open Arduino IDE -> click file -> click Open -> choose code “mc-lesson1.ino” in lesson1 folder, load the code into arduino.

Step 4: Choose corresponding board/port for your project,upload the sketch to the board.

Note: If the car runs from USB (ie wheels turn when off ground) but it does not work when the USB is disconnected and the batteries correctly inserted, check the double driver Y board switch – it was probably knocked and is up. It can be pushed down with a screwdriver without taking top and bottom apart.

Disconnect Arduino from PC, put battery into battery box. When you put the car on the ground and turn on the switch on OSOYOO Uart WIFI shield V1.3 and the switch on battery box if you install battery box for 18650.
The car should Forward→Backward→Left turn→Right turn→
Right Parallel Shift→Left Parallel Shift→
Down Left Diagonal→ Up Right Diagonal→
Up Left Diagonal → Down Right Diagonal, then stop.