Mecanum Wheel Robot Car Full Package (with 18650 batteries)

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Mecanum Wheel Robot Car Kit Metal Chassis

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Encoder is normally used for PID algorithm. Right now, our Mecanum car does not need PID function, so we don’t write encoder program for this car.

Many users have purchased OSOYOO DC gear motor for Tank robot, Mecanum wheel robot and Balance car which has built-in encoder. Some of them are interested on how to program encoder. We provide a simple program which guide user to use OSOYOO Basic Board for Arduino to read how many pulses encoders send to Arduino on each rotation.

Now the latest version of the motors come without protection caps as the attachment picture. The motor protection cap peels off easily, so we remove this cap.



Stepper motor OSOYOO Basic Board for Arduino
White line(V- Power) VCC
Yellow line (G-GND) GND
Orange (S1) D7
Green (S2) D6

Some module might have reversed V Power/G-GND line. If following code does not work, please switch Yellow line to 5V and White Line to Arduino GND.

Software Download:

Once you load the code into Arduino IDE, open the serial monitor in the upper-right corner.

Now install a wheel onto the DC gear motor and make it can be rotated by hand. Then rotate the wheel for 360 degree and stop. You will see the serial monitor screen will show:

Position: 1
Position: 2
Position: 148
Position: 149
Position: 150

The last line shows Position 151. This means when you rotate the motor to 360 degree, the hall sensor has generated 151 pulses. So the motor has about 150 pulses per rotation.