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Mecanum Wheel Robot Car Full Package (with batteries)

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Model 2020006000

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Mecanum wheels, also known as omni wheels, consist of a hub with rollers oriented at 45° to the axis of rotation. The Mecanum wheels are wheel hubs fitted with integrated rollers that move passively and independently.

Depending on which wheels rotate in which direction, the platform can move forward, backward, sideways, diagonally, or spin in place. This range of maneuverability enables the Omni Platform to efficiently navigate any space, particularly around tight corners, narrow lanes, and complex pathways.

This Omni Direction Robot Car learning kit for Arduino was developed by our team of engineers from Japan and Canada. It has all the features a traditional robot car for Arduino should have, including remote control via Bluetooth, IoT through Wi-Fi, line tracking, and obstacle avoidance auto-driving. With the help of powerful Mecanum wheels, the car can make much more complex movements such as sideways shifting and diagonal movement controlled by a cellphone app.

The kit comes with an OSOYOO Mega2560 board (fully compatible with Arduino Mega2560) and an OSOYOO ESP8266 Wi-Fi Shield. Additionally, we have designed five step-by-step lessons to help students learn Arduino robot programming from scratch. If you are an experienced DIY player or Arduino programmer, you can also gain a lot of knowledge from this kit’s open-source code and hardware to create interesting DIY projects of your own.

Lesson 1
Basic robot car assembly
Lesson 2
Obstacle avoidance robot car
Lesson 3
5-Point Line tracking robot car
Lesson 4
Bluetooth control robot car
Lesson 5
Wi-Fi control by UDP robot car
Lesson 6
Test the motor

M2.0 Mecanum Wheel Robotic Car Accessories:

No. Picture Product Name Link
1 Mecanum wheel metal car chassis

(with 4 motors)

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1 Metal gear motor click to buy
2 Mega2560 board for Arduino click to buy
3 OSOYOO Wi-Fi shield v1.3 click to buy
4 Bluetooth module click to buy
5 OSOYOO model Y 2.0 motor driver module click to buy
6 Tracking sensor module click to buy
7 Ultrasonic sensor click to buy
8 Ultrasonic sensor holder click to buy
9 Servo motor click to buy
10 Voltage meter click to buy
11 acrylic chassis for metal Mecanum wheel car click to buy
12 18650 battery case click to buy
13 18650 battery charger click to buy
14 2000mAh 18650 rechargeable battery click to buy