Micro: bit is a powerful hand-held, fully programmable, computer designed by the BBC. It is only half size of a credit card, available for children’s programming education. Onboard comes with Bluetooth, accelerometer, compass, three buttons, 5×5 LED matrix, USB interface, connection pins. In order to learn micro bit more easier, we particularly make this kit, in which includes a OSOYOO Expansion board fully compatible with micro bit and other commonly used sensor modules. In addition, this sensor kit also provides various learning projects for you, including wiring diagram, source code and more. It can help you make learning easy and fun to enjoy the programming.

OSOYOO STEAM Kit for Micro:Bit, the useful coding-free set of modular electronic building blocks designed for young inventors and teachers. Created as a hands-on tool for STEM education in the classroom and beyond, OSOYOO Kit is compatible with Legos, magnets, screws and Velcro, using its Internet of Things (IoT) module to allow everyday innovations to come to life. It is also fully compatible with Scratch, allowing all users, from beginners to advanced, to unlock the capabilities and unique AI features of Intel® Curie™ through an easy-to-use design.

OSOYOO Kit’s distinction is its coding-free functionality, providing users with an applied experience without the complexity of programming and wiring prior to use. The tool contains more than 50 different modules with varying functions, letting creators build a variety of inventive gadgets. Boson Kit also has a smart vision sensor allows for the creation of advanced robots that recognize faces, follow people, track drawn lines and find and fetch balls.

With OSOYOO Kit, users can:
– Develop skills: Students and teachers alike can use the tool to cultivate STEM education by learning about sensors and circuit logic in a straightforward, visual way
– Build anything: OSOYOO Kit can be attached to everyday materials like wood, fabric and Legos to create Internet-connected devices. The opportunities to innovate are endless – ranging from adjustable lamps with rotation sensors, to remote-controlled thermostats to electronic pet feeders to human-tracking robots
– Learn by doing: Users of all levels can learn to build IoT devices by experimenting with the Intel® Curie™ platform that OSOYOO Kit is based on. It is also fully compatible with Scratch. Additionally, students can learn advanced features such as Bluetooth 4.0, gesture control and more
– Classroom enhancement: Attach the magnetic modules onto a whiteboard to visually demonstrate experiments to students
In the combination of OSOYOO Kit and Micro:bit, OSOYOO Kit act more like a sensor kit for Micro:bit, with the help of OSOYOO Kit, much more creative projects will be born!


BBC Micro:Bit Overview:

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